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NRW with joint company stand at REIF in Japan

@Mauritius Images, Westend61

@Mauritius Images, Westend61

Japan and especially Fukushima Prefecture are considered pioneers in the development of renewable energy. At the Renewable Energy Industrial Fair (REIF) in Koriyama City, Fukushima, international companies will have the chance to gain an insight into this important future market and to establish and expand business relationships.

NRW.Global Business is participating in the trade fair for the eleventh time in 2023 and is once again offering North Rhine-Westphalian companies the opportunity to take part in the NRW joint company stand. In addition, the Fukushima Prefecture is again inviting companies and institutions to Koriyama this year as part of its special support scheme "Invitation Programme" to promote economic and scientific exchange.

Interested parties can still apply up to June 23 to participate in the event on October 12 and 13, 2023.

More information is available here.

NRW and Fukushima Prefecture have already been in close contact since 2014 with the signing of an MoU that focuses cooperation on renewable energies, energy efficiency and energy conservation. As recently as April, the MoU was expanded to include hydrogen and ammonia technologies. The REIF trade fair helps to promote economic and scientific exchange between Japanese and companies from NRW in these fields.