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Smart Mobility

Innovations for smart mobility solutions in NRW

NRW – the global engine of mobility transformation

For many people, electric cars are becoming an increasingly large part of their mobility. Awareness of climate protection and electromobility is growing, and the number of new registrations in Europe continues to rise. A large number of innovations from NRW are also contributing to this development: For example, the long-standing company Mennekes in the Sauerland region has played a major role in shaping the European charging infrastructure. There is now no e-car charging station in Europe without the CEE three-phase plug from Mennekes.

The state owes its special role in the automotive industry and therefore also as an electromobility state to its extraordinary density and diversity of innovative companies, especially in the supplier segment, the large number of qualified employees, a dynamic startup scene and excellent business-oriented research landscape. 

In addition, the state actively promotes the development of electromobility. Thanks to extensive programs, forward-looking projects receive the funding they need. This enables business, science and politics to work closely together on new mobility solutions.

We see great opportunities in the transformation. A recent study on the economic outlook gives NRW added momentum as a business location. It's a real challenge, of course, and clearly the role of suppliers will change, but in the end we can be successful.


Stephan A. Vogelskamp

Managing Director automotiveland.nrw e.V.


Centers of excellence
for electromobility in NRW unite the research activities of science and industry


STEM students
in the subjects Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

~ 81,000

fully electric cars
were registered in NRW in 2022

Concentrated electromobility

E-mobility sector in NRW has a wide range of innovative companies

The automotive industry is traditionally rooted in NRW. Well-known manufacturers from all over the world operate plants here. They are also being joined by more and more up-and-coming companies from the e-mobility sector. 

Japanese automotive supplier produces electric powertrains in Cologne

E-vehicle for the last mile

Modular and versatile

Pioneer and opportunity provider

Groundbreaking innovations

NRW's great wealth of ideas offers a unique basis for smart mobility solutions

Not only are cars to become more sustainable, but automated and networked mobility is also playing an increasingly important role in NRW. Companies with smart solutions are in demand here, and many of them are also represented in NRW.

Intelligent driving assistance systems

Autonomous driving

Smart traffic lights make traffic flow more smoothly

Standardized charging management throughout Europe

Science is an e-mobility engine

NRW's high density of research institutes and programs is a catalyst for development in electromobility

Even though there are already many e-vehicles on the road, the technology is still in its infancy and offers plenty of development potential. And NRW in particular is contributing to innovations in the e-mobility sector with a large number of research projects. 

Battery research of the highest caliber

Federal government promotes battery cell production

Ready for the market with research and testing

Interdisciplinary and future-oriented

Networking and helping to shape economic structural change

In NRW, the players in the automotive industry are in contact with each other thanks to a large number of clusters and networks. These include Automotiveland.NRW, AutoCluster.NRW, the innocam.NRW competence network or the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, Electromobility network.

With their help, the players intend to improve the industry's competitiveness and innovative capacity in the long term and secure growth and employment. In addition, the platforms serve as a mouthpiece that establishes links to politics and science. 

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