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Corporate trips to new markets worldwide

Service and benefits for companies

North Rhine-Westphalia is home to numerous companies with global growth potential.

But where abroad are the major markets of the future? Which country is the right one for your business? And how can you present yourself optimally and find the right network? NRW.Global Business supports small and medium-sized enterprises in accessing selected markets worldwide with a broad-based program of corporate trips and trade mission, in some cases even with political support.

At the beginning of each trip you receive a comprehensive insight into economic backgrounds and the industry structure of the host country in question. During the trip you make contact with selected decision-makers. In the target country, local experts work to ensure the success of the event.

To this end, the technical program is tailored to your objectives:

Matchmaking events

Matchmaking events

Matchmaking events offer you an excellent platform to establish first contacts with potential business partners in the foreign markets. In addition, meetings with market and industry experts as well as local company and project tours complete the program.



Symposia allow you to present your products and services in a lecture in front of a selected group of entrepreneurs. Further discussions with experts and specific tours provide insights into the market and the challenges of the business environment.

Guided visits to trade fairs

Guided visits to trade fairs

Guided visits to trade fairs enable you to track trends and to get to know numerous entrepreneurs and the competition. NRW receptions provide the framework to intensify ideas for cooperation.

Current corporate trips of the state of NRW (German only)

03.06.– 06.06.2024

Unternehmensreise Türkei 2024 – Industrie 4.0 in Verbindung mit Messebesuch WIN Eurasia

Türkiye corporate trip
electric industry
energy industry
information and communication technology
other industries
19.06.– 21.06.2024

Unternehmens- und Expert*innenreise Cyber Security nach Estland

Estonia corporate trip
information and communication technology
02.09.– 06.09.2024

Marktsondierung Kenia: Energy Technology, Greentech, Smart Manufacturing

Kenya corporate trip
energy industry
energy research
other industries
10.09.– 11.09.2024

Marktsondierung Niederlande: Kreislaufwirtschaft in Bau- und Gebäudetechnik

Netherlands corporate trip
construction industry
30.09.– 04.10.2024

Marktsondierung Malaysia 2024: Markt und Standort für nachhaltige Innovationen und strategische Diversifizierung für NRW-Unternehmen

ASEAN Malaysia corporate trip
chemical industry
electric industry
mechanical engineering and production technology
22.10.– 24.10.2024

Marktinformation Belgien: Nachhaltige Energiekooperationen – Wasserstoffindustrie in Flandern

Belgium corporate trip
energy industry
energy research
28.10.– 01.11.2024

Save the date: Unternehmensreise Schottland 2024 - Wasserstoff und Carbon Management

Great Britain corporate trip
energy industry
energy research
18.11.– 22.11.2024

Markterschließung USA und Mexiko: Automotive and Smart Logistics

Mexico USA (United States of America) corporate trip
24.11.– 29.11.2024

Marktsondierung: Nachhaltige Innovationen – Wasser- und Recyclinglösungen für Indonesien und Singapur

ASEAN Indonesia Singapore corporate trip
environmental technologies

International trade fair program of the state of NRW

All information on participation in foreign trade fairs under the umbrella of the state of NRW


Foreign trade promotion for NRW - Program 2024 (pdf, German only)

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