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New prospects for NRW companies in the South African market

© AdobeStock.com | HandmadePictures

© AdobeStock.com | HandmadePictures

South Africa has a vibrant startup culture and one of the strongest economies in Africa thanks to the automotive sector, the chemical industry, and mechanical and plant engineering. Despite its various advantages, the country also has to contend with problems in some sectors, mainly due to climate change. There is an opportunity for NRW companies to present innovative solutions and enable the country to become independent of hard coal as an energy supplier.

During the business trip "NRW goes South Africa" from December 4 to 10, 2022, companies from NRW can take a look at South African industry and establish contacts with potential business partners, particularly from the Johannesburg region. A highlight of the trip is participation in the German-African Business Summit (GABS).

The event is the most important German business event in Africa. Top representatives of German business and politics meet experts from southern Africa to discuss economic relations between Europe's largest economy and the world's fastest growing region. Participants in the South Africa trip have exclusive access to events and contacts at GABS. The program also includes a company visit to the HySA Institute (Hydrogen South Africa) at the University of the Western Cape.

The trip is a joint project of NRW.Global Business and IHK (Chambers of Commerce and Industry) NRW, Duisburg Business & Innovation and AHK (German Chambers of Commerce Abroad) South Africa. Registrations will be accepted up to November 4; the number of places is limited.