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North Rhine-Westphalia

Welcome to the most important economic region in Germany

The best location factors for NRW

A dynamic business location with convincing location factors – North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) offers all this and more. It is the most populous and most densely populated of the 16 German federal states. With its location factors, NRW is the most important economic region in Germany and has for years been one of the most popular investment locations for foreign companies in Europe. We have compiled the best location factors here.


Business location NRW – the heart of Europe beats here


Skilled labor from NRW – a talent pool in a class of its own


Room for innovation and cutting-edge research in NRW


Excellent infrastructure in NRW – the hub of Europe


Investment location No. 1 in Germany


Quality of life in NRW – where the work-life balance is right

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