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Watson Farley & Williams opts for Düsseldorf

©Fotolia/NRW.Global Business

©Fotolia/NRW.Global Business

The London firm intends to intensify its work in the energy law practice at the new location.

Following Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich, London-based Watson Farley & Williams (WFW) is opening its fourth German office in Düsseldorf. According to the law firm, which specializes in the energy industry, the new location is home to many potential clients such as telecommunications, electricity and utility companies as well as banks and other insurance and financial institutions.

With a team led by two lawyers, Dr. Thorsten Volz and Dr. Torsten Wielsch, the Düsseldorf office will focus in particular on energy law. "This is a defining moment for WFW in Germany, as the firm not only welcomes two new partners and their team, but is also opening its fourth office in Germany at the important Düsseldorf location," reports WFW Managing Partner Lothar Wegener.

More than 500 lawyers work for Watson Farley & Williams at a total of 16 locations worldwide. The international law firm has been active in Germany since 2005.