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Virus protection using hygienic door openers

©ITA Academy

©ITA Academy

The ITA Academy produces door arm-handles for protection from corona.

In hospitals, retirement homes, as well as in offices and factories, it is all the more important in these corona times to eliminate possible sources of infection. Door handles in particular are contaminated with germs and thus potential virus carriers. To counteract this, the ITA Academy has developed door openers that can be operated using the arm – without touching the handle.

The stay[cly:n] arm-handle is produced at the Digital Capability Center (DCC), the digital learning factory of the ITA Academy. The product consists of a biological, sugar-based plastic and is manufactured using 3D printing. The opener is supplied with screws and can be mounted on all standard door handles with a standard screwdriver. On request, the DCC team also produces customized solutions.

For every ten arm-handles sold, the DCC Aachen additionally donates one to a neighboring old people's and nursing home in the Aachen city region.