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Univar develops solutions in Essen for environmentally friendly growth in the chemical industry

"Faster, better, more sustainable" – Univar Solutions, a U.S. distributor of chemicals and ingredients, is looking to expand its operations in Europe with a new Solution Center in Essen.

© Univar Solutions

Univar Solutions opened a new competence center in Essen in March. The global chemicals and ingredients distributor plans to use the site as a base for further growth in Europe. "This Solution Center will help our customers solve problems, develop more sustainable solutions and bring new and better products to market faster," said Nick Powell, Head of Global Ingredients & Specialties and Head of EMEA & APAC at Univar Solutions.

The new facility covers 700 square meters and includes laboratories, a pilot plant, meeting rooms and offices. With a focus on sustainability, collaboration and development, the facility houses experts in product formulation, benchmark prototyping, product performance testing and efficacy, product analysis, shelf life testing and more. The team of chemists, scientists and technical leaders will support further development and help drive demand in industry staples such as hair care, toiletries, skin care, color cosmetics, topical products, tablet coatings, ointments, dishwashing detergents and building materials.

"The future of innovation and technical development begins at Univar Solutions," said Andrew Mint, Director of Univar Solutions' global Solution Centers. "At our Solution Centers, we create unique, more sustainable and innovative opportunities and scale solutions to support our customers' growth while developing solutions that help keep communities healthy, nourished, clean and safe – it's that simple."