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Turkish textile giant expands to NRW

The textile supplier and manufacturer Gamateks is opening an office and a showroom in Düsseldorf, where four people are employed to begin with.

The aim of the subsidiary is to establish the company's own label in Germany and to expand supply relationships with German customers. Gamateks plans, for example, to supply brands such as s. Oliver, C&A, Rabe and Gerry Weber with textiles and ready-made clothes from its base in Düsseldorf. For this reason, proximity to the customers was the key factor in the site selection, as Mustafa Korkut Aydinli, Managing Director of Gamateks explained. The Turkish representation of NRW.INVEST accompanied the company's settlement in Germany and supported in particular the company's establishment and search for real estate.

Gamateks GmbH is a subsidiary of the Turkish textile group Gamateks Teskstil San. Tic. A.Ş., headquartered in Denizli. Founded in 1984, the company is one of the 500 largest textile manufacturers in Turkey. It produces and supplies brands from Europe, the USA, Canada and Egypt. 3,000 employees work for Gamateks worldwide, generating annual sales of around 100 million US dollars. In addition to the headquarters in Denizli, there are further production sites in Afyon and Batman. Gamateks is one of the selected companies that are allowed to participate in the "Turquality" promotional program. In this way, the government supports Turkish quality companies with their international expansion and brand development.  

NRW is not only attractive as a textile and fashion destination for Turkish companies. To date, around 400 Turkish companies have opted to establish a branch in NRW, including well-known names such as Sarar, Tadim or Tirsan.