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Turkish biotechnology company opens site in Cologne

©Motortion Films, shutterstock

©Motortion Films, shutterstock

Nuclear medicine in Cologne is getting strong support: The Turkish company Eczacıbaşı-Monrol Nuclear Products is settling on the Rhine and building a production facility for radiopharmaceuticals – i.e. drugs with radioactive components – for the treatment of cancer in Cologne's Immendorf industrial park. Monrol will have invested around 30 million euros in the new site by 2026. Up to 100 new jobs will be created as a result, including positions for highly specialized professionals from the fields of chemistry, medicine or logistics. The site will also have its own local sales organization.

Cologne overcame international competition thanks to its ideal location factors: "Cologne as a healthcare location and the surrounding area, which boasts top-class scientific institutes, are ideal for fulfilling Monrol's mission in the service of patient health. I am confident that Monrol's high-end research and production will continue to develop very well in Cologne," says Aydin Kücük, CEO of Monrol.

But it will not stop at the mere production of pharmaceuticals – from the very outset, there is to be an exchange with science in order to develop new innovative products. With around 200 companies in the health and life sciences sector, Cologne already plays a leading role internationally, and Monrol's settlement will strengthen this even further.