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Turbel Europe GmbH Supplies Western Europe from Wassenberg

Düsseldorf/Wassenberg - September 22, 2015: Not far from Jago AG‘s large logistics construction site in the Industriepark Rurtal, another company has moved in, namely, Turbel Europe GmbH. In the Wassenberg-Süd industrial area, it coats metal sheets, troughs and all kinds of forms for the food industry. Up until now, the company had not maintained any production sites outside Turkey, where its parent company, Turbelco, is located. From Wassenberg, Turbel Europe intends to tap into new sales markets in Germany but also in the Benelux countries and France.

Back in October 2014, the Turkish company was approached by NRW.INVEST Istanbul. Early on, the search for a location zeroed in on the Aachen region. Together with AGIT, the regional development agency for the technology region of Aachen, NRW.INVEST looked into potential locations in North Rhine-Westphalia. None of the existing properties were completely convincing.

And even those properties viewed in the Heinsberg District turned out to be less than ideal for the company. But contact to the economic development corporation WFG Heinsberg had been made, and at the start of 2015, a newly-built hall in Wassenberg was submitted for consideration. This proved to be the ideal location for the meanwhile newly established company, Turbel Europe GmbH. After that, everything was able to progress very quickly. In March 2015, a long-term lease contract was signed, and once the necessary installation work had been completed, production got underway. The quick implementation is also due to the great cooperation between the City of Wassenberg and the Heinsberg District, the building authority in charge. In addition, NRW.INVEST assisted the company during the entire relocation process and helped with visas for the temporary posting of employees to North Rhine-Westphalia. Turbel Europe GmbH is confident that it can expand its current business to two or three shifts thereby creating more jobs.

"Turbel Europe is a small, yet nonetheless very interesting company for us,” notes a pleased Ulrich Schirowski, WFG Managing Director. After all, this is the first direct investment made by a company from Turkey in a production site in the Heinsberg District. Through Turbel Europe there is hope to establish more contact to Turkish companies interested in investing in Germany, "and then in the Heinsberg District, of course!" Petra Wassner, CEO of NRW.INVEST, stresses that “this project joins the ranks of the growing number of Turkish investment projects. In 2014 alone, 33 Turkish companies came to North Rhine-Westphalia."