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SiPearl opts for Duisburg



The French IT company, which develops microprocessors for the European supercomputer, has chosen North Rhine-Westphalia as the site for its first foreign branch.

In Duisburg, the company’s first location outside of France, SiPearl is building a research and development center that will focus on topics such as networked mobility for the automotive industry and high-performance computing applications. The IT company, based near Paris, is developing a particularly powerful microprocessor for the first European supercomputer. High-performance computers are capable of processing very large amounts of data and are used, for example, in climate research, personalized medicine or in the development of the Smart City.

With the R&D center, SiPearl wants to expand its relations with German industry and science and drive the European project forward: "I am looking forward to leading the German team at SiPearl, which will be heavily involved in the development of the microprocessor. With my experience, I can support this pan-European project, which will help to secure Europe's technological independence in a number of strategic areas," explains Frank Gorris, who has been heading the subsidiary since June.