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SafeRide chooses NRW as its first European location

©Safe Ride

©Safe Ride

Growth for the IT location Bochum: SafeRide Technologies, an Israeli supplier of AI-based vehicle condition monitoring, opens a branch office in Bochum.

Today, vehicles already collect and process numerous data. The Israeli company SafeRide Technologies is looking into how this information can be put to good use with the help of artificial intelligence and how vehicles can be protected against cyber attacks. Now the AI solution provider is opening its first European branch office and has chosen Bochum as its location.

"Vehicles are now becoming extremely complex and OEMs and fleet operators are demanding smarter solutions to ensure the condition, safety and security of their vehicles," says Martin Ridder, head of the new branch. From its new location in Bochum, SafeRide Technologies intends to expand its European business and further develop its relations with the automotive industry.

SafeRide Technologies' software provides customers with information on vehicle condition and malfunctions. This means that warranty services and recalls as well as downtime can be minimized and vehicle performance increased. In addition to its headquarters in Tel Aviv, the company has locations in Silicon Valley and Detroit.