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Robotics expert coming to North Rhine-Westphalia



Essert GmbH, an automation specialist and driver of Industry 4.0, is moving to Cologne.

Essert is shaping tomorrow’s production with modular, highly standardized robot workstations. In order to be geographically closer to existing customers and to open up new customer groups, the company from Baden-Württemberg is now moving to Cologne: "Our Advanced Robotic Workstation platform is still very new and innovative for many customers and prospects. Even in times of digitalization, the analog presence is therefore still important and creates trust," explains CEO Christopher Essert.

From its new sales and service office, Essert supports companies in the west of the state as well as in the Netherlands and Belgium. Head of the location, Moritz Latzel, sees an important future trend in the automation of manual work processes: "I am convinced that the use of modern and intelligent systems will contribute to an increase in labor productivity and thus also enable established economies to become attractive for the manufacturing industry again." Essert accompanies medium-sized companies as well as global players from all industries along this exciting path.