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NRW.INVEST promotes NRW as a digital location at SLUSH

As part of the location marketing campaign "Germany at its best: Nordrhein-Westfalen", NRW.INVEST will this year be represented for the first time at Europe's largest startup event in Helsinki. 

At the end of November, Europe's tech scene gathered in the Finnish capital under the motto "A Call for Solvers". NRW.INVEST presented the digital location NRW at a German joint stand as a point of contact for international startups striving to expand into the German market. The stand was designed in cooperation with NRW.International.

At SLUSH, startups meet investors, customers and media from more than 130 countries, giving them the opportunity to exchange ideas with the community. Created in 2013 from a student initiative, SLUSH, with 17,500 participants, including 2,200 startups and around 1,200 investors, last year developed into the largest venturing event in Europe. This year's speakers in Helsinki included former US Vice President and now environmental activist Al Gore, and Adena Friedman, head of the American technology exchange NASDAQ.

Startups from Germany and abroad find important prerequisites for growth in NRW. With a multitude of large, but also small and medium-sized industrial and commercial enterprises, NRW offers countless customers and partners for digital technologies.