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NRW.INVEST presents the digital location NRW in Moscow

"Internet Of Things 2017: New Horizons", the largest Russian IoT conference, addressed the effects of the Internet of Things on the Russian economy in late May.

Various Russian companies and government organizations reported on their experiences with IoT during the event. The conference participants discussed changes in processes, technologies and markets that are linked to the new technology and provide new opportunities and challenges for the Russian economy.

NRW.INVEST presented the digital location NRW using numerous best practice examples from business and research. These included the Dortmund pump manufacturer WILO, which supports the assembly and maintenance of pumps with augmented reality data using digital data glasses, and the Aachen Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology, which develops system solutions for networked production. NRW offers numerous partners and cooperation possibilities for Russian companies as they head to Industry 4.0.

Other speakers included a representative of the Finance Department of the Government of the Russian Federation, who spoke on the subject "Smart University: Infrastructure and Technology", as well as an emissary from the Israeli Ministry of the Environment, who addressed the aspect of cyber security.