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NRW and the Netherlands have enormous cooperation potential

©Fokke-Baarssen, shutterstock

©Fokke-Baarssen, shutterstock

Good neighborly relations are not all that connect NRW and the Netherlands. The German state and the neighboring kingdom also offer ideal conditions for being at the very vanguard of the hydrogen sector. This is the conclusion of a recent study by the Center for European Policy (CEP) on the regional opportunities for the European hydrogen economy.

Due to their distinctive industrial culture, both the Netherlands and NRW have many potential customers for hydrogen as an energy carrier. Proximity to the North Sea enables the use of offshore wind farms for the production of sustainable green hydrogen. According to the study, the potential for this is greater than in any other European region.

The authors of the study are optimistic that the neighbors could even outstrip important economic centers in hydrogen technology if the market ramp-up is well coordinated. But this is precisely where improvements still need to be made. At present, strict regulations are continuing to hold back the development of a European hydrogen economy. The study therefore appeals to the EU to support supraregional projects.