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NRW one of Europe’s most attractive locations for investors

London’s fDi magazine has released its annual rankings of Europe’s most attractive regions and cities for investment. And NRW is among the winners yet again.

North Rhine-Westphalia came out on top in the category of ‘Human Capital and Lifestyle’, ahead of both the South-East of England and Paris regions. The high concentration of universities, higher education facilities and other research institutions played a key role in this top ranking. NRW also impressed with its high number of students and its reputation as Germany’s most significant commercial and industrial location, attracting expertise and specialists from all over the world. North Rhine-Westphalia also ranked second in the categories of ‘Large Regions of the Future’, ‘Western European Regions of the Future’ and ‘Best for FDI Strategy’.

“The exceptional ranking achieved by North Rhine-Westphalia emphasises our leading role as an attractive location for foreign investors. Our unique scientific landscape and highly trained experts create the optimal conditions for successful and sustainable investment,” says NRW’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Prof Dr. Andreas Pinkwart.

fDi magazine, a specialist magazine for foreign direct investment, compiles annual rankings on Europe’s most attractive regions and cities for investment. A panel of financial experts and leading editors made their decisions based on quantity and quality factors. In addition to factors relating to economic potential, human capital, quality of life, cost efficiency, infrastructure and business climate, the marketing and FDI acquisitions strategy as well as infrastructure regional planning projects also have a part to play.