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NASA opts for H2 technologies from NRW

©Nicolas, AdobeStock

The Neoxid Group is one of the most innovative companies in the hydrogen industry in the field of sensor technology. Its subsidiary neo hydrogen sensors – neohysens for short – has been working on the hydrogen technology of the future for more than ten years, focusing on hydrogen sensors and catalysts. After many years of research, the company has developed innovative sensors and successfully launched them on the market.

The Neoxid Group has already worked for numerous renowned companies such as Daimler Truck, BMW, Bosch and Airbus. The company recently acquired another well-known client: the US space agency NASA. This partnership underlines the Neoxid Group's pioneering role in the hydrogen industry.

Neohysens offers innovative hydrogen sensors for industrial, laboratory and automotive applications with special features such as very short response and recovery times. Furthermore, Neohysens offers hydrogen burners/catalysts for the flameless combustion of hydrogen or other air/gas mixtures over a wide concentration range.

The company is also driving the expansion of the local hydrogen economy in NRW. Managing Director Dieter Ostermann heads the Hydrogen Hub Rhein-Kreis Neuss/Rheinland association, which together with five other associations in the Rhine and Ruhr regions has applied for EU funding for a joint, large "Hydrogen Valley". The Rhine and Ruhr "Valley" could become one of the largest in Europe.