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Miele receives "NRWandler" award for structural change

© NRW.Global Business

© NRW.Global Business

Since 2015, the "NRW Economy in Transition" competition has been held under the auspices of the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of Economics. In addition to the categories "Startups", "Small Businesses & Crafts" and "Corporations & SMEs", the special "NRWandler" prize is awarded every year, and went this year to the major, long-established German company Miele.

With this award, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, in cooperation with numerous partners, honors pioneers of structural change, of which the fourth-generation family-run company from Gütersloh is undoubtedly one. Over the course of time, Miele has become a byword for quality, and thanks to durability, energy efficiency, CO₂ neutrality and constant practical enhancements to the product range, the company is able to hold its own even in the face of tough price competition.

Miele entered the market with milk centrifuges 123 years ago; today, the East Westphalians offer high-quality electrical household appliances, the best known of which are probably washing machines. The company also equips industry; Miele customers include restaurants and hospitals, and even luxury yachts are equipped with Miele equipment.

In 2021, Miele generated annual sales of EUR 4.84 billion around the globe, an increase of eight percent. The company has never produced and sold as many products as in 2021, and the forecast for 2022 also looks rosy. Five to seven percent of sales are invested in research and development of new products.