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Maersk settles at the Port of Duisburg

The Danish container shipping company is planning a logistics center of over 100,000 square meters in Walsum.

In addition to direct connections to rail, water and road transport, the new logistics site is to have its own container terminal. "Our customers need more than just transport services from port to port. By accompanying them along the entire transport chain from door to door, we create real added value for our customers," says Jens-Ole Krenzien, Vice President North West Continent Region at Maersk. The center, which covers more than 100,000 square meters, is expected to create around 350 new jobs.

The new distribution center will be located on the logport VI industrial site in Walsum in the north of Duisburg. Starting with logport I, the Port of Duisburg has now redeveloped numerous former coal and steel industry sites and converted them into modern logistics hubs. "Logport VI provides long-term and sustainable competitive advantages. The new container terminal directly on the Rhine, the direct connection to intermodal transport chains in the European hinterland, as well as to Asia, are valuable assets in international competition," explains Duisport CEO Erich Staake.