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Location ranking Germany: Three NRW cities among the top 10

©AdobeStock/Roland Abel

©AdobeStock/Roland Abel

Cologne, Düsseldorf and Essen are at the top of the current location ranking by Die Deutsche Wirtschaft (DDW)

In which cities do entrepreneurs and companies feel particularly comfortable? This is the question addressed by the Location Ranking Germany, which has been published since 2017. With three cities in the top 10, North Rhine-Westphalia performs particularly well in the current evaluation: Düsseldorf is in fifth place, followed by Cologne in sixth and Essen in eighth place. The good NRW result is rounded off by Bonn (14th), Wuppertal (16th), Dortmund (18th) and Duisburg (19th) in the top 20.

The location ranking is carried out by the entrepreneurial medium Die Deutsche Wirtschaft (DDW) and updated four times a year. In the current ranking, 3,572 locations in Germany were evaluated on the basis of various criteria. This involves, for example, the question of which location has the most medium-sized companies, family businesses and global market leaders. Entrepreneurs, managers and employees are also asked to rate their city in terms of seven location factors.