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ISR offers study and professional orientation

Good grades are and will remain a decisive factor to be on a successful path to a desired university. This is reflected by the fact that the ‘numerus clausus’ often decides if prospective students are allowed to study certain subjects. But the focal point is also shifting here. Germany is starting to incorporate practices that have long since been used in other countries.

The so-called Assessment Days test potential students to see if their personality and character fits the university’s ethos. Especially innovative and new courses place more emphasis on obtaining the student’s complete profile. In order to better prepare the students, the UCC – University and Career Counseling Department of ISR – International School of the Rhine, starts advising students at the end of 8th grade. They assist students in their choosing the right courses to gain admission to their university of choice. Through the use of individually specialized modules from assessment centers, students learn about the format of the assessment tests. Furthermore, internships and various school projects with leading companies in the region will also prepare the students for acceptance to top universities in Germany or worldwide.