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Interview with Santa Claus

In an interview, NRW.INVEST spoke to the most successful businessman in the world: Santa Claus, owner and CEO of Christmas Cooperation                                                        

  • Santa, you are known worldwide for your generosity. How do you manage to run a company with millions of employees?

It is very important to me that my employees know exactly what they are working for. Looking into happy faces and feeling joy cannot be compensated with money alone. It is often not material things that are paramount, but the reflective nature of the Christmas season.

  • How does digitization help you in your daily work in preparation for the festivities?

Digitization has been a constant feature of my business over the past few years. It begins with the communication among my employees and, of course, with our customers. I still receive a few wish lists by post. Most of them are very lovingly designed. But we now get several million e-mails every day.

The gifts have also become more digital. And we have started to archive the wish lists of the past 100 years. This is sure to keep us busy for some time to come.

  • Will you be switching to a battery-powered vehicle in the foreseeable future? Can the reindeer retire?

Even though e-mobility is a big issue, I wouldn't want to be without Rudolf and his friends in the foreseeable future. I think it's good that my employees pay more attention to the environment and are getting involved in this area. But I will always remain a little old-fashioned and I don't want to miss the sound of the bells and the clattering hooves of my companions.