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Innovation through cooperation – new success strategy for German and Japanese companies

This year's Business Day Japan in Düsseldorf examined German-Japanese cooperation models in times of digital change. 

Digital transformation presents the same new challenges to traditional industry in both countries. Within the framework of lectures and panel discussions, the participants exchanged views and experiences on current developments and examples of successful German-Japanese joint projects, which have already opened up new fields of business and advanced technological innovations.

Ryuta Mizuuchi, Japanese Consul General in Düsseldorf, and Seiichi Kuroiwa, President of the Japanese Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Düsseldorf, both emphasized the necessity for exchange and cooperation between Japan and Germany. "In view of today's turbulent times in global politics, German-Japanese cooperation is more important than ever. International competition is becoming more and more intense due to the involvement of the newly industrialized countries in the world market and increasing globalization. In order to survive this time, Japanese companies must be able to assert their leading position in the world market with innovative technologies," said the Consul General. In the course of digital change in both Japan and Germany, "the ability to remain innovative is decisive for the economic success of a company," added Kuroiwa.

"Good German-Japanese economic cooperation is a platform for future-oriented digital business areas and advances technological innovations. Numerous examples, e.g. in medical technology or in industry, are evidence of successful joint projects," explained Petra Wassner, CEO of NRW.INVEST.

Business Day Japan has been an integral part of the Japan Day since it was first held in 2002 and offers a unique platform for a German-Japanese exchange, given the strong Japanese company location in North Rhine-Westphalia and Düsseldorf.