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Ineos invests in green hydrogen production

100-megawatt electrolysis plant planned in Cologne.

The British chemical group Ineos says it is already currently the largest plant operator in the field of electrolysis, which is important for producing sustainable hydrogen for power supply as well as for transport and industry. Ineos is now looking to continue its growth in Europe with a €2 billion investment in Germany, Norway and Belgium. CEO Jim Ratcliffe: "Green hydrogen is one of our best opportunities to achieve a more sustainable, low-carbon environment."

An important building block and part of the investment offensive is a 100-megawatt electroanalysis plant to be built at the Cologne site. The hydrogen from this plant will be used to produce green ammonia. The Cologne project is expected to reduce the site's annual carbon emissions by more than 120,000 tons. In addition, the project will drive the development of e-fuels by converting fuel into methanol on an industrial scale.