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Founded 100 years ago, successful in NRW for 43 years

©Mitsubishi Electric

The Japanese technology group Mitsubishi Electric is considered an important driver of the energy transition and digital transformation.

Mitsubishi Electric is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Founded in 1921 from a shipyard business, the Japanese company is now one of the biggest players in high technology. The group has also been active in Germany for 43 years – based in North Rhine-Westphalia since the very beginning.

Mitsubishi Electric began its German-Japanese history in Düsseldorf, but since the 1980s the company has been headquartered in Ratingen. Here, with more than 700 employees, the company develops a wide variety of solutions that all revolve around electrical systems. The areas of application are diverse – from factory automation and rail transport to building infrastructure and even satellite technology: "I think we can definitely claim that without our solutions, the world would probably come to a standstill – simply because they are used in so many areas," says Andreas Wagner, CEO of Mitsubishi Electric in Germany.

However, according to Wagner, the technologies do not usually stand alone, but are part of an overall solution. To this end, Mitsubishi Electric works closely with industry and research in North Rhine-Westphalia and throughout Germany. A collaboration that will continue to shape the energy transition and digital transformation in this country in particular. German-Japanese exchange plays an important role for Mitsubishi Electric: "Since our founding, it has been a crucial part of the company's DNA to make a technological as well as a social contribution to society and mutual understanding," says Wagner. At its North Rhine-Westphalia location, the technology company has therefore also been actively supporting German-Japanese cultural and business events for many years.