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First German location: go2market comes to NRW



The Austrian company will open its first market research supermarket in Cologne.

A real test environment for market launches: The Austrian company go2market wants to help manufacturers to tailor their products even better to the wishes of the target groups. "You have to consider that currently nine out of ten product launches fail because the knowledge about consumers and target groups is often insufficient or consumers were not sufficiently involved in the product development processes," explains go2market founder Thomas Perdolt.

With a combination of real-life research and opinion surveys, the Viennese company wants to change this. Registered customers can shop in a market research supermarket and then take part in online surveys – manufacturers receive valuable insights in real time. After a successful test phase in Austria, go2market is now opening its first German location. Cologne was chosen for this purpose: "It is not least the charisma of the location with its leading food trade fairs as well as strong industrial and retail companies that make Cologne the ideal place for us," says Jörg Taubitz, Country Manager Germany of go2market.

The doors of the new 400-square-meter test supermarket are due to open in the Braunsfeld district as early as June.