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Experience Wuppertal digitally

©Bliggit.de/Gesellschaft 2020

©Bliggit.de/Gesellschaft 2020

Due to corona, the launch of the new Wuppertal city app "Bliggit" is to be brought forward.
Arranging a hairdresser’s appointment, making inquiries with local authorities or looking up business opening hours – all areas of everyday life are made digitally transparent and usable with the new Wuppertal app "Bliggit". The start-up Gesellschaft2020 was created by Sparkasse Wuppertal and the the Wuppertal municipal works WSW, and Nortal has been providing professional support since the project started. The tech company based in Düsseldorf is from Estonia and was significantly involved in that country’s digitalization. For several years now, Estonian citizens have been doing most of their everyday tasks online – a vision that Wuppertal wants to approach with the new city app.

A beta version of "Bliggit" for the people of Wuppertal is scheduled to be available for download as early as the end of May: "Originally, we had not planned to launch it until the fall, but the corona crisis shows the great importance of digital networking, especially in the local area," says co-managing director René Münch. The free app will be available with its basic functions, but minor glitches cannot be ruled out. This, however, gives all Wuppertal citizens the opportunity to improve the app together with their ideas and feedback. In the initial phase up the end of 2020, companies can present themselves and their content in the app free of charge.