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EU agency for cultural and creative industries moves to Cologne

@Hydebrink, shutterstock

@Hydebrink, shutterstock

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is opening the headquarters of its innovation community for culture and creative industries, or EIT Culture & Creativity for short, in Cologne. The EU agency aims to bring partners together to promote creative thinking and innovation throughout Europe.

The agency is currently in the startup phase. The plan is to expand it as a central innovation agency for the EU's cultural and creative industries. Up to 70 million euros per annum are to be made available for this over the next few years.

Starting in January 2024, up to 40 employees will drive innovation in the industry across Europe. The focus of their will be on building an interdisciplinary innovation community spanning all 15 sectors of the creative industries – the first European network for innovation and excellence from education, research and business. For example, the EIT Culture & Creativity aims to support around 30 new degree programs and 200 professional development programs, as well as targeted support for around 1,000 founders and startups.

"With the EIT Culture & Creativity, the European Commission is for the first time creating a Europe-wide structure for the innovative power of the entire creative industries – for all players, small and large, profit and non-profit. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the creative industries and for Europe," says Bernd Fesel, Interim Chief Executive Officer of the EIT Culture & Creativity.