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E-Mobility: Mega project launched

©Ladepark Kreuz-Hilden

©Ladepark Kreuz-Hilden

Europe's largest charging station for electric cars is being built at the Hilden freeway intersection.

The supercharger for electric cars recently opened in Hilden has 16 charging points with up to 150 kW charging power. But this is only the beginning of the major project: Electric car pioneer and investor Roland Schüren is planning Europe's largest quick-charging park to date on the 12,000 square meter site.

40 charging points of the latest Tesla generation, each with up to 250 kW output, are to be created, as well as 11 further connections from the Dutch supplier FASTNED with up to 300 kW output. The target group for the electricity filling station on the freeway are primarily long-distance travelers who are dependent on faster charging times.

In addition, project manager Roland Schüren is planning a supplementary gastronomic offering: A café-bistro-bakery with an attached food production facility is being built under the name "Seed & Greet". The completion of the major project in Hilden is scheduled for the end of 2022.