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Digital potential in the Rhenish mining region

©canjoena - stock.adobe

©canjoena - stock.adobe

As a recent study shows, the location meets all the requirements for the development of high-tech data infrastructures.

Future industries such as autonomous driving, the Internet of Things or Industry 4.0 all depend on one thing: A reliable data infrastructure. Can a region like the Rhenish mining region develop into such a high-tech location? This is the question addressed by a recent study commissioned by the Ministry for Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy.

The Rhenish mining region is in the midst of the digital transformation. Many large and small companies are located here, which will produce more and more data in the future and require corresponding infrastructures. The location is at the crossroads of major supraregional data routes and has excellent power supply security – increasingly also in the area of renewable energies.

According to the study, the region with its locational advantages offers all the prerequisites for establishing important data infrastructure elements. This includes, for example, a hyperscale data center or a cloud for storing large volumes of data. The conditions are also in place for a digital park where companies with digital business models can locate.