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Asahi Kasei Europe produces hydrogen from wind energy

The Japanese company is continuing its success story in NRW with an innovative idea for the production of green hydrogen. 

Asahi Kasei Europe has made a name for itself worldwide as a leading manufacturer of fiber products, chemicals and electronic materials. Now the company, which has been based in Düsseldorf for two years, is heralding a new production era. In Herten, Westphalia, the company presented a project showing how "green" hydrogen can be produced. A demonstration plant simulates the production of hydrogen with electricity generated from wind energy.

The Japanese technology company is a leading supplier in the field of chlor-alkali electrolysis systems, which are used in 126 production plants in 26 countries worldwide. This system forms the basis for novel hydrogen production. The pilot plant is a joint project with the h2herten Hydrogen Competence Center. "The energy industry in Europe is changing dramatically, with rising demand for new storage technologies and production systems for clean energy. Asahi Kasei’s alkaline-water electrolysis system is a fitting solution for these challenges. We are proud to contribute to this change, together with h2herten, as a strong local partner," said Hideki Tsutsumi, Managing Director of Asahi Kasei Europe. Herten's mayor Fred Toplak also emphasized that the infrastructure offers an ideal environment for the set-up and system integration of alkaline water electrolysis. "The cooperation with Asahi Kasei Europe is a great example for project initiatives with companies engaging in future energy solutions and will help to continuously expand the Center".

The project has been supported intensively from the beginning by NRW.INVEST, the Japanese subsidiary NRW Japan K.K., and the EnergyAgency NRW.