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40 million euros for new tanker bridge at Dormagen Chemical Park

The Swiss petrochemical company INEOS is investing 40 million euros in the construction of a new tanker bridge with loading platform in the port of the Dormagen Chemical Park. The aim is to accelerate ship handling and increase loading capacities.

The new tanker bridge will be connected to the INEOS chemical plant in Cologne via overground pipelines. They run over pipe bridges and are flood-proof.

At the new tanker bridge, three to four shiploads with a volume of around 1,000 tons each can be unloaded per day. The additional loading capacity will ensure the long-term supply of raw materials to INEOS in Cologne. In addition, more transport can be shifted from the road to the Rhine. One shipload corresponds to the volume of about 45 tank trucks.

INEOS Cologne produces raw materials for the chemical industry. They are required for the production of plastics, rubber and fibers and are also used in solvents and detergents, as well as in coatings, crop protection agents, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

Founded in 1998, INEOS is one of the world's largest petrochemical companies with over 18,000 employees and sales of 40 billion US dollars. INEOS Cologne employs 2,200 people, making it the third largest industrial employer here