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3D printing expertise from Minneapolis

©Chromatic 3D Materials

©Chromatic 3D Materials

The American software developer Chromatic 3D Materials has chosen North Rhine-Westphalia for its European headquarters.Using 3D printing, spare parts can be reproduced quickly and cost-effectively – a promising market in which the software developer Chromatic 3D Materials is also active. The American company specializes in spare parts that are no longer available or whose reproduction by conventional means is very cost-intensive. It analyzes spare parts libraries and supports its customers as a certification and production partner in the manufacture of high-quality spare parts in small quantities.

With new European headquarters in Selfkant near the Dutch border, Chromatic 3D Materials wants to be closer to its European customers, as CEO and founder Cora Leibig explains: "The European rail supply industry now accounts for almost half of the world market for rail transport products. As rail and automotive companies are among our biggest customers, it makes sense to set up a headquarters from which we can serve European demand locally."

Just how relevant the subject of 3D printing has become can also be seen in the Corona crisis: At the request of a medical technology manufacturer, Chromatic 3D Materials designed an urgently needed spare part for a respirator in a very short time.