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PrimeSite Rhine Region - an excellent location

In North Rhine-Westphalia investors will find land in a central location and with excellent transport links.

A total of 140 hectares of industrial and commercial space is available to large-scale investors in the PrimeSite Rhine Region, for example. The well-developed industrial and commercial site PrimeSite Rhine Region is situated in the triangle formed by the cities Cologne, Bonn and Aachen at the heart of western Europe's core economic region. Excellent transport links, a high density of research and development facilities, numerous globally active companies and international trade fairs in Düsseldorf and Cologne make the Rhine Region an attractive business location and the PrimeSite a first-class industrial and commercial site for large-scale projects.

Our Vision: Germany's First Smart Mobility Campus

On the Smart Mobility Campus, everything is supposed to revolve around new mobility, renewable energies, sustainable production and cycles. Researching, learning, producing, marketing, reinventing and living – the boundaries are no longer traditionally sharp, but closely connected. The vision of the Smart Mobility Campus should be realized on the 140 hectare industrial site PrimeSite Rhine Region.

In addition to the production of electric vehicles and batteries, upstream and downstream processes such as the development of vehicle and charging technology through to the complete life cycle are to be established at the site.

NRW is Germany's leading location for electromobility and therefore offers the best conditions for Germany's First Smart Mobility Campus: More than 30 automotive plants within a radius of 500 kilometers, a very well developed transport infrastructure, an excellent, industry-oriented research landscape, a qualified workforce and an innovative, attractive and vibrant environment. Last but not least, the world's leading research institutes in the field of electromobility and battery technology as well as other complementary research clusters are among the location advantages of PrimeSite and thus facilitate the concept of Germany's First Smart Mobility Campus.

What makes the PrimeSite Rhine Region strong

  • The RWTH Aachen Campus offers all developers and manufacturers future-oriented know-how for new methods. The electromobility laboratory (eLab) provides an open infrastructure for research into electromobility – from technology development and testing to the finished prototype. At the Chair of Electromobility Production PEM (Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components), located at the cross-border Avantis business park, state-of-the-art facilities and test equipment as well as a test track for urban traffic situations are available to customers.
  •  Münster Electrochemical Energy Technology (MEET) is the battery research institute of Münster University (WMU). As a competence center, it coordinates research projects in this field throughout NRW.
  • Supplementary research clusters in the extended vicinity are the Fraunhofer IOSB-INA Industrial Automation branch (Lemgo) and the Fraunhofer Institute for Mechatronics Systems Design IEM (Paderborn).
  • The well-developed PrimeSite Rhine Region is located in the city triangle formed by Aachen, Bonn and Cologne at the heart of the economic core region of Western Europe.
  • 140 hectares of industrial and commercial space are available with immediate effect for the settlement of battery production on Germany's First Green Battery Campus for Smart Mobility at a competitive price.
  • A dedicated rail connection can ensure a seamless connection to the world's largest inland port in Duisburg and thus to the New Silk Road to China.
  • 70 North Rhine-Westphalian universities and universities of applied sciences with over 773,000 students guarantee a dynamic research and development landscape.
  • Unique university expertise in the field of battery research at RWTH Aachen University, MEET and in the field of mechanical and plant engineering, among others at the Technical University of Cologne.
  • NRW is a leading supplier to the chemical industry (Bayer AG, Evonik) and the metal production and processing industry, which are all important for battery production.
  • In total, one third of the German automotive supplier industry is located in NRW.
  • The world's leading car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Daimler, Ford, Porsche, Renault/PSA and VW can be reached within a radius of 500 km around the 140-hectare site.
  • An energy supplier from NRW will act as a partner for the company's entire energy management with renewable energies and invest in the development of its own energy sources on the site.
  • Supra-regional, multimodally networked logistics centers guarantee excellent connections.
  • Duisport, the largest inland port in the world, offers ideal conditions for the delivery of goods from Asia and is the final stop on the One Belt One Road initiative of the Chinese central government.

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