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New materials in NRW

Substances for the future

New solutions for land, air and space

Companies in the new materials sector profit from the fact that North Rhine-Westphalia has one of Europe's densest research networks. Major 'innovation regions' have emerged around the cities of Aachen, Bochum and Paderborn. Since 2008 the Interdisciplinary Center for Advanced Materials Simulation (ICAMS) at Bochum University has been using computer simulation techniques in order to create innovative materials. The Institute of Materials Research at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) is exploring new applications in the aerospace, energy and automotive sectors. A further focus for innovation is the Jülich Research Center, which has created new materials for fuel cells.


More than 720,000 employees, sales revenues of over €200 billion and more than 6,000 enterprises and research organizations in NRW are linked to new materials


universities and co
More than 22 universities and non-university establishments, including approx. 120 departments specialized in materials research, in NRW are conducting research into new materials

Leading position in technical textiles

Lightweight, stable and tailor-made

High tech for the interior

NMWP.NRW Cluster

Specializing in nanomaterials, micromaterials and photonics, this cluster promotes various cross-industry technologies that have a strong leverage effect for North Rhine-Westphalia.


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Innovation topics

North Rhine-Westphalia has long since ceased to be just the land of heavy industry and staid SMEs. In a dynamic environment of excellent research clusters, innovative startups, world market and industry leaders and globally active SMEs, a federal state has developed that stands for economic success in Germany like no other. Whether e-mobility, cyber security, Industry 4.0 or biotech or medtech: In NRW, people are already working on the future.




Smart industry




Smart mobility