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Data security: Learning from Estonia's expertise

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Data security is a key concern for companies today and represents a major challenge for many of them. A data breach or cyber attack can have far-reaching legal and financial consequences. It is therefore crucial to optimize in-house security standards and prepare for cyber threats. In Estonia, the European pioneer in the field of data security, there are numerous examples of best practice that NRW companies can get to know as part of a company and expert trip with NRW.Global Business.

The smallest of the three Baltic states has topped international cybersecurity rankings for years and has extensive expertise in the research, development and management of cybersecurity solutions and systems. Estonia uses its international reputation as a stronghold of e-government to position itself as an economic partner in the manufacturing, service and IT sectors. Estonia is also known as the European Silicon Valley due to its vibrant start-up scene: It has the most startups and unicorns per capita in Europe. 

From June 19 to 21, 2024, participants in the company and expert trip will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with experts on this topic. The focus will be on proactive cyber resilience and cyber hygiene, cyber attack response and IT infrastructure protection. In addition to visits to leading Estonian companies and institutions in the field of cybersecurity, the program also includes a cooperation exchange with companies and startups. This will provide opportunities for potential partnerships.

Interested parties can register directly on the NRW.Global Business website up to April 22.