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"Hyperscaler": Microsoft invests billions in the Rheinische Revier area

©Jian-Fan, iStock

The decision by the US technology group Microsoft to invest billions in the Rheinische Revier area is seen ass a strong signal for NRW and Germany. 

After almost three years of in-depth support from NRW.Global Business, the company plans to put large-scale data centers, known as hyperscalers, into operation at its Bedburg and Bergheim sites. These will be used for cloud computing and artificial intelligence applications. In addition, a third large data center is to be built at another location in the Rheinische Revier area. "Microsoft will find the Rheinische Revier area to be an ideal location and thereby massively advance the digital infrastructure for North Rhine-Westphalia and the whole of Germany," explained NRW Minister President Hendrik Wüst, announcing the plans. 

The settlement is seen as a milestone in the structural transformation of the former lignite mining area. Not only will Microsoft create new jobs, but other digital technology companies will have a strong incentive to locate in the region to take advantage of the new digital infrastructure. According to the company, construction of the data centers is expected to begin in 2024, with operations scheduled to begin in 2026.