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NRW to import ammonia from Arab Emirates

@Michael Dechev, shutterstock

@Michael Dechev, shutterstock

NRW wants to drive the energy turnaround forward and, to this end, is intensifying international partnerships for the development of an import infrastructure for green energy sources. The expansion of green hydrogen cooperation with the United Arab Emirates plays an important part here.

In Düsseldorf, NRW Economics and Climate Protection Minister Mona Neubaur has now signed a memorandum of understanding with the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) to create a climate-neutral ammonia value chain. In addition to representatives of ADNOC and the state of NRW, representatives of the chemical service provider Currenta GmbH & Co were also present.

For ADNOC, the cooperation is to focus on the production and transport of low-carbon and, in the long term, climate-neutral ammonia. Meanwhile, ammonia combustion for power and steam generation is being tested in research facilities in NRW. In this context, industrial-scale tests are planned at the Currenta Chemical Park site in Dormagen.

Ammonia can be produced in a climate-neutral manner and used directly in industry. In addition, it is possible to transport the commodity chemical hydrogen efficiently in large quantities and over longer distances. In the long term, the gas and its import could therefore play an important role in achieving NRW's climate protection goals.