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NRW.INVEST in conversation with ... Georg K. Löer, President of NRW Japan K.K. in Tokyo

In 1992, NRW Japan K.K. was founded in Tokyo as the first foreign subsidiary of NRW.INVEST. In an interview, Georg K. Löer describes the arguments in favor of NRW as a business location and the current economic issues facing Japanese companies.

  • Mr. Löer, what is your strongest argument for promoting NRW as a business location?

North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) is the Germany's leader in foreign direct investment, in many economic services and also in terms of market breadth. No other federal state offers this diversity of companies across all areas of industry and services. With its large DAX companies and its hidden champions, NRW is a world leader In digitization and Industry 4.0. Above all, however, international companies appreciate that they are at the heart of the German and European market in NRW. 

  • What makes NRW particularly attractive for investors at your location?

NRW is the No. 1 business hub for Japanese companies in Germany and mainland Europe. They value the excellent infrastructure that they find here for their business and their community. Japanese companies offer technically sophisticated and high-quality goods and services across a wide range of industries. Here they find their sales market and their partners for world-class research and development in order to write success stories together.

  • Which economic topic is currently of particular concern to the companies at your location?

The growing uncertainty caused by trade barriers and obstacles, whether in the form of punitive tariffs and regional or global unilateralism, is giving Japanese companies a headache. Like German companies, they depend on open access to markets and a division of labor that is in the spirit of good and fair cooperation. Rapid demographic and technological change can only be countered with a stronger internationalization of the Japanese economy.

  • What is your personal connection to NRW?

I come from Westphalia, the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia. I went to school in the Rhineland (Bonn) and East Westphalia (Büren) and got to know the region between the Rhine, Ruhr and Lippe rivers very early on. Although I have lived, worked and studied in many other cities and regions in Germany and abroad, I feel connected to my home region. The view from the Haar hills over the Soest Börde lowlands always fills me with joy and pride in the people and the state.