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Tourism in NRW

An economic factor

Considerable added value - pure quality of life

Tourism in NRW has developed dynamically over recent years and as a cross-sectional industry is one of the state's economic growth drivers. Millions of private and business travelers from Germany and abroad come to NRW each year. They provide significant revenues – not only in tourism but also in many other sectors such as the hotel/restaurant and retail trades. As an economic factor tourism performs a dual function: On the one hand, the industry itself possesses considerable added value, and on the other hand tourism increases the attractiveness of NRW overall as a working and investment location by enhancing the quality of life for everyone.

29.5 billion

in economic output, tourism contributes to the total economic output in NRW


The tourism industry in NRW provides jobs for 468,000 employees

45.9 billion

spent by people in NRW on tourism activities every year

From NRW around the world

Location for major international events

NRW has made a name for itself in the organization and implementation of numerous major international events: For example, the city of Düsseldorf hosted the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) in 2011. Around 36,000 spectators attended the world's biggest TV entertainment show in the specially converted football arena; 120 million people worldwide watched the ESC live on television.In June 2017, the Tour de France, the largest and most famous bicycle race in the world, started in the state capital with about one million visitors.

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© Ruhr-Tourismus/Jochen Schlutius
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Innovation topics

North Rhine-Westphalia has long since ceased to be just the land of heavy industry and staid SMEs. In a dynamic environment of excellent research clusters, innovative startups, world market and industry leaders and globally active SMEs, a federal state has developed that stands for economic success in Germany like no other. Whether e-mobility, cyber security, Industry 4.0 or biotech or medtech: In NRW, people are already working on the future.




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Smart mobility