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Information and communication technology in NRW

For the new digital world

Entrepreneurs, researchers and investors shape Industry 4.0

In North Rhine-Westphalia information and communication technology (ICT) is spearheading the digital transformation of the entire economy. Business leaders, researchers and investors in NRW can access all the know-how they need in order to shape the coming 4th industrial revolution (Industry 4.0). On account of its innovative capabilities the North Rhine-Westphalian ICT sector is unlocking new sources of value added, creating new jobs – and is an economic powerhouse in its own right. No other federal state in Germany boasts a similar density of ICT enterprises – ranging from SMEs and software startups to telecoms giants.

131 bn €

sales revenues
More than 28,800 ICT enterprises in NRW generated combined sales revenues of approx. €131 billion

53 bn €

IT industry in NRW
The IT industry in NRW employs a workforce of more than 229,000 and generated sales of over €53 billion

78 bn €

generated sales
The telecommunications sector in NRW generated sales of more than €78 billion and employed a workforce of nearly 36,000

NRW is shaping the digital revolution

With its combination of strong industrial structures and many innovative IT companies and research institutions, North Rhine-Westphalia offers the best conditions for investing in digital transformation. For example, the state has outstanding competencies in science and industry to holistically develop IT security solutions for large systems. The Ruhr metropolitan area, especially Bochum, has the highest density of companies providing IT security services in Germany. The state government is also promoting spin-offs at universities and research institutions with a startup offensive. 

ICT companies in NRW

Among the IT companies based in the country are international market leaders and "big players" in information technology and telecommunications

Europe's number one for cloud

Coordinated computer networks

Millions of fixed-network and broadband lines

Leader in global mobile traffic

Solutions for telecommunications

Most successful SAP consulting company

Full-service provider in the premium segment

Mobile, broadband and TV

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Innovation topics

North Rhine-Westphalia has long since ceased to be just the land of heavy industry and staid SMEs. In a dynamic environment of excellent research clusters, innovative startups, world market and industry leaders and globally active SMEs, a federal state has developed that stands for economic success in Germany like no other. Whether e-mobility, cyber security, Industry 4.0 or biotech or medtech: In NRW, people are already working on the future.




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